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LINC is helping educators successfully shift to remote teaching and learning during these challenging times. Using our online coaching and professional learning platform, LINCspring, combined with virtual coaching, LINC helps teachers and students thrive.

Every student deserves a classroom that works for them.

  • balance


    Every student gets what they need to succeed.

  • trust


    Students and teachers have agency in their learning.

  • innovation


    Teacher teams drive rapid, sustainable improvement.

Re-design How Students and Teachers Learn to Get the Results You Need.

  • Drive Student Achievement

    Every student gets what they need to be successful through personalized learning.

  • Foster Teaching Innovation

    Continuous reflection and job-embedded practice creates instructional designers.

  • Overcome Initiative Overload

    Teachers prioritize their own professional development based on student needs.

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We care about student success.
We care about teacher success.
We care about school success.

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LINC’s Transformational Coaching System


LINCSPRING is an easy-to-use, online coaching solution that helps educators become pedagogical problem solvers through action research.

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    Schedule a call with a LINC Consultant.

    Schedule a call with a LINC Consultant.

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    Try out LINC’s tool, LINCspring.

    Try out LINC’s tool, LINCspring.

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    Receive a free customized implementation plan.

    Receive a free customized implementation plan.

This is Not “One More Thing”

District leaders are hesitant to give teachers “one more thing” right now, given the huge responsibility to teach remotely that was just dropped on them.  Further, in an effort to help, companies everywhere have offered free software tools to “help” teachers share their craft remotely during the pandemic, creating further confusion and overwhelm.

While we understand the desire to protect teachers right now, what teachers need most is help. Support. Access to a coach. Simple, brief learning aids that help them get up to speed faster. Templates and tutorials that help teachers and aides prepare and get lessons out the door. Consider LINCspring, a lifeline to teachers who are leading the way in weathering this storm.