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We help you create equitable and engaging classrooms

Working with teachers and leaders, LINC helps teachers and school leaders develop equitable, personalized learning pathways for all students through blended learning, project-based learning, and other strategies that increase agency, engagement, and achievement.

Creating classrooms that inspire creativity, engagement, and curiosity

Creating classrooms that inspire creativity, engagement, and curiosity

Helping teachers become creative pedagogical problem-solvers.

Helping teachers become creative pedagogical problem-solvers.

Providing professional learning communities with the content tools, and support to thrive

Providing professional learning communities with the content tools, and support to thrive

For everyone

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    For Principals

    Fostering innovation in classroom teachers to meet the needs of all students

  • For Students

    Collaborating with educators to create engaging classrooms that offer agency and choice

  • For Educators

    Creating classrooms that inspire creativity, engagement, curiosity and stronger relationships

A Research-Based Approach that Gets Results

LINC’s work is grounded in Stanford University professor Dr. Arnetha Ball’s Model of Generative Change which represents over 15 years of research in effective professional development.

Using LINCspring, our research-based professional learning solution, LINC expert transformation agents will work with your school through the growth stages of Reflect, Tinker, and Grow. We help you drive the changes needed to prepare students for tomorrow’s dynamic and changing world.

  • Reflect

    LINCspring Cycles guide educators in critical contemplation of their current practices and envisioned paths. This is achieved through Pre- and Post-Cycle Reflections, which are at the foundation of our platform.

  • Tinker

    LINCspring Templates provide suggested Lesson Flows and Multimedia Resources for job-embedded development of new teaching practices. Teachers tinker with something new, try it out, and then reflect on the experience.

  • Grow

    LINCspring Playlists allow users to personalize their learning path and LINCspring Community provides a space to connect– an inspired destination to share resources, organize PLC work, and get help from a colleague or coach.

Extend LINC Learning Online

Extend LINC Learning Online

LINCSPRING is what’s been missing in accelerating 21st-century learning initiatives – a simple, easy-to-use professional learning solution that fosters community, supports best practice instruction, and helps educators build generativity.

LINCSPRING brings educators together and guides them through reflection and hands-on experiences in facilitating 21st-century learning.

Reviews from Around the Globe

LINC is supporting over 100 schools across the United States and Latin America to achieve real 21st-century learning transformation.

Teachers and principals everywhere are becoming energized by student-centered teaching and learning

The level of engagement has changed dramatically since we started doing 21st Century learning. There’s more ownership by students in their own learning.

Emily Martin


LINC has been one of the most outstanding teams that I have worked with for professional learning. LINC has helped Frederick County Public Schools go beyond enthusiasm for blended learning to transforming instructional practices in the classroom.

Eric Haines

District Administrator

As a teacher, I’m finally able to do what I’ve always wanted to do. I’m able to know my kids more on a personal level. It’s not teaching to 26 kids; it’s coaching one-on-one. It’s a really cool organic fluid of motion where my kids are learning all the time and I’m either with a group or with an individual, and I’m learning along with them. It’s a fantastic experience!

Mike Blumenthal