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5 Reasons Spring is a Great Innovation Season


In many of my LINC virtual coaching sessions last week, one or more teachers made the statement, “I haven’t tried this yet because I’m going to wait until I can start it fresh next year.” We were discussing strategies for blended learning innovation with the goal of creating more pathways for student agency and personalization. In all cases, teachers were on board with trying something new like station rotation or a playlist, but they were reluctant to start now.

5 Reasons Spring is a Great Innovation Season2019-07-31T10:43:57-07:00

Why Students Should Co-Create the Classroom from Day One


By Tiffany Wycoff, co-founder of LINC Instead of walking into a carefully designed class that’s adorned with decorations and already set class rules, students are experiencing something new on the first day of school. They are now setting up their [...]

Why Students Should Co-Create the Classroom from Day One2019-07-31T10:44:28-07:00

What Early Blended Learning Pioneers Got Right That Today’s Schools Have Forgotten


When I first began blending digital and face-to-face learning, it was easy enough to create a flow between online learning spaces and offline learning. However, I noticed that sometimes my students were not getting as much out of the digital learning platform as I had anticipated. This was especially true when students could rush through their tasks, consuming content without real understanding or application of learning. Instead of trying to learn, they were racing to be done.

What Early Blended Learning Pioneers Got Right That Today’s Schools Have Forgotten2019-07-31T10:44:37-07:00

Social-Emotional Support: The Real Urgency of Blended Learning


by Tiffany Wycoff When our team at Learning Innovation Catalyst (LINC) speaks about the urgency of 21st-century learning, we cite futurists’ predictions about the uncertainty of tomorrow’s world – that by 2035, when today’s youngest students emerge from college into [...]

Social-Emotional Support: The Real Urgency of Blended Learning2019-07-31T10:44:46-07:00

Personalized “Lesson” Planning


At the recent Big Picture Learning conference, Sir Ken Robinson stated, “If you design a system to do something, don’t be surprised if it does it.” Just as schools were designed as factory models to produce one-size-fits-all knowledge, lesson plans [...]

Personalized “Lesson” Planning2019-07-31T10:44:52-07:00

3 A’s to Ace Personalized Learning


Formative assessment is core to Personalized Learning. To master formative assessment as a pathway to personalizing the learning path, we need to make a critical mindset shift around assessment. Instead of thinking as assessment as the endpoint of the linear learning sequence, we need to think of assessment AS learning.

3 A’s to Ace Personalized Learning2019-08-05T07:46:22-07:00

The Evolving Role of the 21st-Century Teacher


Depending on which futurist you ask, we stand to lose between 38%-50% of today’s jobs to automation over the next 20 years. The jobs predicted to fall to automation include those which are repetitive, predictable, and routine. The jobs [...]

The Evolving Role of the 21st-Century Teacher2019-07-31T10:45:08-07:00

Jumpstart the Year with Agency


In Blended Learning in Action, the hallmarks of effective practice are outlined by The PAACC: Personalization, Agency, Audience, Creativity, and Connectivity. One way to ensure we hit the mark in personalizing learning is to focus on agency from the start. [...]

Jumpstart the Year with Agency2019-07-31T10:45:17-07:00