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Generativity in Action – 3 Steps to Building a Culture of Student Generativity

by Tiffany Wycoff, LINC Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer As a principal, I hosted many students who were asked by their teachers to “take a break” from their classrooms due to misbehavior. When this happened, I started with student reflection, having them write what happened from their perspective. This exercise [...]

Applying Generativity to Student Grouping Strategies

By Chris Merryman, Zzish Ltd. How can we group our students more effectively? Grouping students is a seemingly simple and straightforward process, but in reality, it is quite complex, and emerging research about group dynamics is shifting the conversation. It’s no surprise that Google spent significant time attempting to assemble [...]

Steps To Building a Classroom Community: Collaborating on Class Contracts

By Charity Dodd, LINC Transformation Agent As we roll into this new school year, it is really useful to build a strong and positive classroom community and culture. One way I’ve seen this done well is by creating a collaborative class contract with students. By allowing students to provide input [...]

Generativity in Action: 3 Steps to Building a Culture of Teacher Generativity

by Tiffany Wycoff, LINC Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer When I first stepped into a leadership role within a school where I had been a teacher, I made several mistakes. Innovation was at the center of my vision for the school’s path forward and I saw a clear course for [...]

Generativity: A Reflect-Tinker-Grow Model for Driving Learning Innovation

by Jason Green, LINC Co-CEO and Co-Founder At LINC, we work hard each day to drive the changes in our education systems that will better prepare educators and students for the modern global challenges they face. We ground our coaching work with educators in the Model of Generative Change, an [...]

Three Strategies to Try Rather than Taking Away the Tech

by Kim Weber, LINC Transformation Agent Throughout my work in schools as a LINC Coach, there is a concern consistently expressed by teachers; one that results in the biggest deterrent for those who are beginning to transform their teaching practice by leveraging technology: What do I do when students misuse [...]

The One Thing Innovative School Leaders Must Do Before School Ends

For better or worse, another school year is winding down. For school leaders who have been hoping to kick off a new, student-centered approach to teaching, that means you have to act fast. The whole idea of student-centered, personalized learning may seem like a long and daunting task—and perhaps it is—but there is one small step that can lay the groundwork for a culture of generativity.

5 Reasons Spring is a Great Innovation Season

In many of my LINC virtual coaching sessions last week, one or more teachers made the statement, “I haven’t tried this yet because I’m going to wait until I can start it fresh next year.” We were discussing strategies for blended learning innovation with the goal of creating more pathways for student agency and personalization. In all cases, teachers were on board with trying something new like station rotation or a playlist, but they were reluctant to start now.

Why Make the Shift: Thoughts on 21C Learning and How I Reimagined My Job of Being a Teacher – by Kim Weber

by Kim Weber, LINC Coach It’s 2012, and I’m standing in my classroom, after just leaving a workshop for this Learning Management System, called Schoology. I have fifteen years of teaching under my belt, and I’m thinking to myself, “Why make this shift in my practice? I’ve had a consistent [...]

Significant Traction in Second Academic Year for Learning Innovation Catalyst (LINC) Accelerates Growth of Scalable, Research-Based School Transformation Methodology and Online Professional Learning Solutionecond Academic Year for Learning Innovation Catalyst

Milestones Include Series A Investment Round, significant growth in key markets in the US and Latin America, and induction of Advisor Dr. Arnetha Ball of Stanford into the National Academy of Education WASHINGTON, DC - April 5, 2019 - Prior to this year’s ASU GSV Summit in San Diego, LINC [...]