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What Early Blended Learning Pioneers Got Right That Today’s Schools Have Forgotten

When I first began blending digital and face-to-face learning, it was easy enough to create a flow between online learning spaces and offline learning. However, I noticed that sometimes my students were not getting as much out of the digital learning platform as I had anticipated. This was especially true when students could rush through their tasks, consuming content without real understanding or application of learning. Instead of trying to learn, they were racing to be done.

Social-Emotional Support: The Real Urgency of Blended Learning

by Tiffany Wycoff When our team at Learning Innovation Catalyst (LINC) speaks about the urgency of 21st-century learning, we cite futurists’ predictions about the uncertainty of tomorrow’s world – that by 2035, when today’s youngest students emerge from college into the work force, at least 38% of today’s jobs will [...]