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Mindset & Practice for the 21st Century Leader: How Blended Learning Shapes an  Effective Classroom

This highly interactive Cloud Coaching session will provide leaders with an understanding of the fundamentals of blended learning. Participants will learn key practices to help support the effective integration of technology in classrooms and how to avoid common pitfalls. These practices include steps for assessing your school’s readiness, how to select and design the right instructional models, creating personalized professional learning structures, and identifying tools to better engage students and personalize learning. This virtual coaching session provides powerful resources to put educators and leaders on a path of success in transforming their schools.
Presenter: Jason Green
Audience: educators and school leaders
When:  October 16th at 3pm EST
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Generativity: What Is It? And Why Can’t Students Succeed Without It?

In this Cloud Coaching session, educators and leaders will learn about generativity and why this approach is an essential skill for students and teachers in today’s world. The Model of Generative Change, based on 15+ years of research from Dr. Arnetha Ball at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Education provides a method for professional learning that enables educators to continuously reflect and iterate their instructional practices while connecting more deeply with students. According to Dr. Ball, generative teachers become creative, pedagogical problem-solvers who have the ability to adapt their practice to ensure that the needs of every student are met. 
Presenter: Jason Green
Audience:  District Leaders, School Leaders, Coaches, and Teachers
When:  November 12th at 3pm EST
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Conference Presentations

Title: The Evolving Role of Educators in Innovative Personalized Teaching and Learning Models
Authors: Jason Green – LINC (The Learning Innovation Catalyst)
Session: Conference Four, 11/19/2019, 2:25 PM – 4:40 PM

In this interactive workshop, participants will engage in an exploration about the role of the teacher in innovative personalized teaching and learning models. Instead of focusing on labels such as “facilitator” or “coach,” we will reflect on the different modes of teacher activity to assess where teachers spend time in transfer mode versus connectivity mode. Participants will experience blended, personalized and connected learning themselves to learn how to improve their connections with students and how to support them through innovative models. As part of the session, participants will choose from a playlist to create a connection-enabling activity to use with their students.

Keynote Presentations

Jason Green, LINCJason Green, LINC’s co-founder and co-CEO, speaks frequently across the United States. Look for Jason in the following locations: