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Google Classroom Playlist

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LINCspring, our virtual coaching and professional learning platform, now has several new Cycles that help teachers develop their Google Classroom skills. With your LINCspring license, you’ll have access to all this content:

Cycle Objective Artifact/Portfolio Evidence
Google Classroom 101: Setting Up Google Classroom Teachers will explore Google Classroom through a watch-through reflection, then will set up a Google Classroom. Teachers will also learn to use the Stream to communicate with students and families, create one or more classes, organize materials by topics, and invite students by email or code. Google Classroom set up and shared with students. Stream feature used to create announcements, organize materials through Topics.
Google Classroom 102: Creating Assignments Teachers will explore Google Classroom’s Classwork page through a watch-through reflection, then will set up assignments and assign work to students. They will also learn about the different types of assignments available in Google Classroom such as assignments, questions and materials. Assignments created in Google Classroom ready to share with students.
Google Classroom 103: Providing Feedback to Students Teachers will explore how to view classwork students submit in Google Classroom. Teachers will also learn how to give feedback to students on submitted classwork. Feedback provided to students.
Differentiation with Google Classroom Grouping Teachers and leaders will explore various grouping strategies and Google Classroom as a differentiation tool through grouping and differentiated assignments. Flexible grouping plan.
Increasing Connectivity & Agency with Google Classroom Discussion Features Explore using Google Classroom to design dynamic discussions to build connectivity and agency in the community of learners. Discussion Icebreaker Activity.