Ongoing Learning and Coaching:
LINCspring is an easy-to-use, online professional learning solution that brings educators together and guides them through reflection and hands-on practice in facilitating 21st-century learning. Loaded with over 100 hours of learning experiences for teachers and leaders and dozens of strategies from real classroom teachers, LINCspring delivers an engine of generativity for your school.

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Feedback from Educators:
Recognitions and Awards
From the ISTE Findings Report:
LincSPRING is an exemplary professional development platform for school communities looking to implement a blended learning environment and integrate 21st Century skills and strategies into classroom practice. The hybrid model of face-to-face, synchronous online support, asynchronous activities, combined with powerful collaboration tools facilitates not only the adoption of new teaching practice, but the creation of a sustainable professional learning community. The consistent organization of ‘cycles’ models best practices in professional development with content that is research-based presented in a supportive, inclusive, nonthreatening structure that promotes the ‘trying out’ of new ideas.The ISTE Standards for Educators and related indicators are both explicitly demonstrated in the activities and tasks, but also in the wording and presentation of content. There is a thread of the ISTE Standards for Educators woven throughout the platform, modeling the indicators while also providing practice in implementing the standards in the participants’ classrooms.
LINC is pleased to announce we are now an approved provider of Continuing Professional Development in the state of Maryland. Educators can earn CPD credit through our LINCspring professional learning platform.


Supporting Professional Learning Communities:
A Robust Toolkit to Support Your Success

Power up your PLCs with LINCSPRING’s lesson planning, community sharing, and personalized PD features.

Make-and-Take Cycles
Use a planning template and resources to try a new strategy.

Live Coaching
Get help from a coach right when you need it via live chat and call features.

PLC Groups
Organize PLCs through groups and differentiated playlists.

Discuss cycles and share resources with peers to empower community.

Personalized Playlists
Choose your cycles to customize your professional learning pathways.

Goals & Badges
Set individual and group goals to earn badges and certifications.

Create your own cycles for all your organization’s PD needs.

Easy sign-on and file management through platform integration.
reports icon
Reports and user data are shared through a simple dashboard to support users.


Built with Stanford Research:
The Magic of LINCspring

LINCspring is not another Learning Management System. It is a research-based methodology that supports real shifts in mindset and classroom practice. Built from the ground up, LINCspring echoes our generativity approach: Reflect, Tinker, and Grow.


LINCspring Cycles guide educators in critical contemplation of their current practices and envisioned paths. This is achieved through Pre- and Post-Cycle Reflections, which are the foundations of our platform.

LINC Reflect
LINC Tinker

LINCspring Templates provide suggested Lesson Flows and Multimedia Resources to mix and match for job-embedded development of new teaching practices. Teachers tinker with something new, try it out, and then reflect on their experience.


LINCspring Playlists allow users to personalize their professional growth path. LINCspring Community provides a space for users to talk with other educators. It will become your inspired destination to share resources, organize PLC work, and get support.