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Culture The 21st Century Teacher’s Mindset Teachers will learn the fundamentals of 21C and blended learning including practices of designing student-centered learning experiences. 
Student Mindset and Shared Visioning for 21C Learning Teachers will learn how to engage students in shared visioning and support students in taking greater ownership in their learning. 
Blended Learning Classroom Management and Digital Contract Teachers will learn key practices of effective classroom management in blended environments. 
Learning Designing Your 21C Classroom (Blended Learning Models) Teachers will learn various models of blended and personalized learning and begin the process of redesigning their 21C, student-centered classroom. 
Reinventing Your Lesson Plans with the PAACC Teachers will use the PAACC framework (Personalization, Agency, Audience, Connectivity and Creativity) to reinvent traditional lesson plans. 
Deep Dive into Station Rotation Planning Teachers will learn and apply tools and best practices in lesson planning for a station rotation learning experience.
Deep Dive into Whole Group Rotation and Flipped Classroom Planning Teachers will learn and apply tools and best practices in lesson planning for whole group rotation and flipped classroom.
Agency Through Formative Assessment & Mastery  Teachers will learn how to deepen student agency through formative assessment tools that generate immediate feedback and through effective student self-assessment. 
Using Rubrics as Formative Assessment Tools Teachers will explore best practices in using rubrics as a formative tool, deepening their knowledge of 21C learning through single-point rubric self-assessment and creation. 
Technology Simple Apps for Big PAACC Impact Teachers will explore high-impact digital tools which will help to Personalize through Agency, Authentic Audience, Connectivity, and Creativity. 
Maximizing Available Technology  Teachers will explore models that best fit their access to student technology in order to maximize the tools at their disposal.
Onboarding & Supporting Students Teachers will plan for bringing students into new digital tools through effective training activities and support protocols. 

*Each workshop is approximately two (2) hours