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Workshop Description
Blended Learning Readiness Assessment In this session, the LINC team will conduct a readiness assessment for the school across four (4) quadrants: Culture, Capacity, Learning Environment, and Technology Infrastructure. This assessment will ensure the right plan and pace is developed for the school. 
The 21C Leaders Mindset & Your School’s Readiness Transformation team members will learn the fundamentals of 21C learning models, what it means to be a 21C leader, and review their school’s readiness. 
Designing Your 21C Vision and Instructional Models Transformation team members will explore  various models of blended learning and begin to design their vision and structure for their 21C school. 
Culture Transformation Toolkit & Trailblazers Transformation team members will learn how to become culture leaders and agents in their school while developing strategies to build a 21C faculty and student culture. 
Designing Your 21C Learning Community Transformation team members will learn the importance of educators becoming 21C learners themselves through  professional learning communities and 21C professional development plans. 
Technology Infrastructure & Policy Design Transformation team members will learn best practices in rolling out technology and begin to develop their plan for technology deployment and policy development. 
Deepening Your Blended Learning Understanding This session will further establish the transformation team’s understanding of Blended Learning and ability to effectively lead the initiative.
Coaching and Facilitating in a Blended Environment Transformation team members will learn how to conduct ongoing observations and coaching in a blended learning environment.
Students as Owners of their Learning Transformation team members will learn how to work with teachers to help build a culture of student ownership of their learning.